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Onsite Sodium Methylate (SMO) Production

        Using the NaSelect membrane technology, SelectIon is revolutionizing the production of Sodium Methoxide (Sodium Methylate, SMO). NaSelect membranes make Sodium Methoxide efficiently, inexpensively, at a desired concentration in methanol, on-site, and on-demand with very low concentration of impurities.
        This novel technology benefits the biofuels, pharmaceutical, and other industries that use Sodium Methoxide (SMO).
        Onsite storage of Sodium Methoxide presents a safety hazard with stringent requirements for nitrogen blanketing for moisture control and basins for waste spill containment. Our approach is to provide Sodium Methoxide on an as needed basis.
        The Sodium Methoxide produced using the SelectIon method has less than 100 ppm of water (compared to industry standard of 500ppm). This is important, because presence of moisture in Sodium Methoxide reduces the yield from transesterification and results in the formation of soaps. Soaps make separation of glycerin byproduct from biofuels more difficult, and thus, increasing processing costs.
        Since NaSelect membrane is permeable to sodium only, lower-cost impure sodium hydroxide streams can be utilized. This scalable process will reduce the cost of manufacturing biodiesel and allow on-site production of the catalyst by further reducing transportation costs, avoiding inventory and shelf-life costs, and reducing safety hazards.
        A “one-step process” or “zero inventory option” is accomplished by integrating the on-site Sodium Methoxide generation with the downstream biodiesel process. Pharmaceutical grade Sodium Methoxide is produced by this process.
        SelectIon systems can be economically integrated into small and large biodiesel plants ranging from very small to 1 MM lbs/day on a 100% solids basis.

                * Onsite production of Sodium Methoxide for biofuel (Biodiesel) synthesis
                * Sodium Methoxide for use in organic syntheses as a catalyst, condensation medium, and reduction agent
                * Transesterification reactions for plastics, textiles, and metals
                * Sodium Methoxide based additives
                * Fragrances to make intermediate product
                * Synthesis of Alkali Alcoholates.