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A Pharmaceutical Factory Caught Fire

        July 2, Naiman banner in tongliao city fire-fighting Squadron received a report: chemical industry Park of Saibei pharmaceutical sodium methoxide plant in Naiman banner factory caught fire. Sodium methoxide is dangerous chemicals, when meet water, moist air, heat and open flame can cause burning, strong corrosive, burns formed after the steam easily lead to poisoning of the human body.
        Fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene and discovered, the 4th warehouse within the library about 7 tons of sodium methoxide is already in full combustion phase, the fire may spread to adjacent warehouse where chemicals, color steel plate structure of the plant has started to collapse, scene is accompanied by a strong pungent smell. Sodium methoxide's vapour, mist or dust strong irritant and corrosive to respiratory, eye has strong irritant and corrosive, can lead to blindness. If the combustion of water fire-fighting will lead to sodium methoxide, officers and soldiers were unable to water extinguishing, use only a dry powder fire extinguishing and sand choking law.
        Rapid fire officers and soldiers to evacuate the crowd around, set up cordon, unrelated to prohibit personnel close to, and at the same time mobilizing a large forklift trucks rushed to the scene of the fire. Fire commander under the command of field coordination, the factory worker in situ extraction sand bagging, dressed in chemical-proof suits, wear air respirators fire officers and soldiers carrying sandbags into the scene made of sand belt interdiction fire. 21:30, forklift trucks arrived at the scene, nearby shoveled sand taking asphyxia fetching implementation of the law of the fire. After nearly 3 hours of emergency to fight the blaze, the fire was successfully extinguished. Fire did not spread to adjacent to the plant, no injuries. Ignition covers an area of 200 square meters, the specific cause fire is under investigation.