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Safe Handling of Sodium Methylate

        Sodium methoxide is typically supplied either as a solid (crystal) or as solutions in methanol. For biodiesel production, solutions in a concentration range of 25 percent to 30 percent have proven most advantageous. Safety and handling practices for sodium methylate solutions are very similar to safety and handling practices for methanol. Like methanol, sodium methylate solution is flammable and is handled safely by many people on a daily basis. When handling sodium methylate, it is important to remember that:
        Sodium methylate solution needs to be stored in a dry place.
        Bulk storage of sodium methylate solution should conform to the general requirements for methanol.
        Sources of ignition like sparks, flames, heat and electrical discharges should be avoided.
        For any questions or concerns, the sodium methylate manufacturer should be consulted and/or the material safety data sheet should be reviewed. In addition, BASF has a product stewardship group that can answer safety and handling questions, and provide training to personnel that handle this catalyst.