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What is Sodium Methylate?

        Sodium methylate is referred to by many names including alcoholate, methoxide and sodium methoxide. It is a versatile chemical reagent used for many decades in various industries to produce high-value end products like pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, pigments and crop protecting agents. In recent years, the production of biodiesel has become an exciting, new and fast-growing application for sodium methylate. In the future, biodiesel production will have a significant share of the overall sodium methylate demand worldwide. BASF is one of the world's leading providers of high-quality alcoholates, such as sodium methylate, and produces the catalyst in a dedicated world-scale facility in Ludwigshafen, Germany. From there, the corporation ships the product all over the world-from Europe to the United States to Asia to Australia. In addition to its production facility in Germany, BASF operates large storage facilities in all major regions of the world. Typical packaging for sodium methylate solution can include drums, totes, isocontainers, bulk trucks and railcars. The company also provides customized and innovative customer service and logistical solutions for biodiesel plants worldwide.