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Biodiesel In Brazil

        With the biodiesel market skyrocketing in Brazil, according to Soares, the outlook for sodium methylate consumption is very favorable for the coming years. "In 2007, the biodiesel market practically didn't exist. Only after a few years, we saw the biodiesel admixture reach 5% in the country," he said. According to DuPont's estimates, the sodium methylate market will reach 45,000t in 2010, increasing to 56,800t in 2014, considering the current admixture policy in place.
        "Demand for biodiesel and sodium methylate is expected to continue improving. The admixture is currently at 5%, but there have been requests from the entire chain to increase that to 10%," said JBS new businesses executive director Jose Luiz Medeiros.
        For DuPont, the construction of the plant in Brazil is in line with the company's strategy for the Latin America region and the new capacity will contribute to regional sales. The firm is also evaluating expanding the sodium methylate business to Argentina and Colombia, Soares concluded.