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Sodium Borohydride Market in China

        It is the latest report about sodium borohydride production, consumption and I/E situation in China.
        China's sodium borohydride capacity has become superfluous but the production technology remains backward. With the superfluous capacity, China now has become the net exporter of sodium borohydride and its export volume has been increasing year by year. Despite the overcapacity, there still will be new capacities to be launched in 2010, which will intensify market competition. Unlike overseas market, domestic consumption is concentrated in pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. Sodium borohydride consumption in each downstream sector has different prospects.
        In this report, Xiangbang focuses on following aspects:
- Most competitive producer in China
- How domestic producers cope with fast increasing capacity?
- Major downstream products in China
- Major end users and their consumption situation in 2009
- Sodium borohydride consumption trend in the next five years
- Major exporters, origins and destinations
- Opportunities and challenges in this industry
        This report can be of great help to sodium borohydride producers, technology suppliers, traders, overseas end users to grasp business opportunities.