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Nowadays, environmental and energy security problem have become

Nowadays, environmental and energy security problem have become more and more important so every country focus its attention on some new energy which can reduce fossil energy consumption and develop an alternative energy .While China is a typical country with much coal but less gas and oil, the dependent rate on oil has increased by 30% from the beginning of this century to the end of last year. Through coal oil, and biological ethanol gasoline might can relief our dependent on oil importing. At present, many enterprises have expanded some related explore but we are facing a lot of problems due to the lack of water, food and other factors.
One of prospects and shackles to explore new material fuel:
Methanol gasoline is the replacement of motor fuel, is a “use coal to replace oil” route, it can be regarded as the replacement of fuel to realize the partial replacement of raw oil. Last year, our actual consumption of methanol gasoline was more than 6 million tons and it has continuous expansion trend this year. However, the lack of national standard makes the “qualified products” to be adulated widely, so the promotion is limited.
Environmental-friendly and low carbonate get attention and annual consumption increase gradually.
In last few years, our country ran a lot of factories to make coal into methanol, which makes methanol’s production capacity increase rapidly, so gradually it forms a situation of over capacity. Hence, it causes methanol’s price have to be lowered. How to digest the over methanol has become a question that government has to consider it, and it also provide a chance to develop methanol fuel.