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The Development of Sodium Methoxide

Sodium Methoxide is used as a catalyst for processing of edible fats and oils(especiallydeal wth lard), with the changing structure of fat, make suitable for margarine, etc., and it must be removed in the final food. It is also a nucleophile for the production of methyl ethers.
In recent years, the production of biodiesel has become an exciting, new and fast-growing application for Sodium methoxide.
In the future, biodiesel production will have a significant share of the overall sodium methoxide demand worldwide.
Xiangbang Sodium Methoxide Co.Ltd is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of sodium methoxide and sodium methylate solution in China, Our company is one of the "National New & High Technological Enterprises" and "Backbone Enterprises of Fine and Special Chemicals Industrial Base", one of the National Torch Projects.
In the meantime, Xiangbang attaches great importance to the quality of products and services, and makes efforts to combine the technology and various resources effectively in order to improve the producing processes and the quality of products continuously, and to satisfy the demands of all users in every aspect.