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Sodium Mthoxide suppliers--Xiangbang Sodium Methoxide Co.Ltd is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of sodium methoxide and sodium methylate solution, sodium methoxide 30%, sodium methoxide 99% in China, Our company is one of the "National New & High Technological Enterprises" and "Backbone Enterprises of Fine and Special Chemicals Industrial Base", one of the National Torch Projects.
Bearing the concept of Comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, employing abundant resources and experience in the past 20 years, Xiangbang has created globally advanced equipment, technology and qualified human resources reservoir. Covers an area of 60 000 sq.m. Currently it has fixed assets amounting to RMB 50 000 000 and...      
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All our sales can speak fluent English which makes language communication easy and feasible . We will reply your e-mail within 24 hours